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J.B. HARRY is a manufacturer of commercial ride-on toys with hydraulic drive and rocking toys:

Roto-UFO, Roto, Oldtimer, Sahara Car - new
Taxi, Ambulance, Helicopter, Police Helicopter, Ufo, Plane, Rocket, School bus, Police bus, Fire truck, Auto (HARRY - CABRIO) , Ice-cream...

We manufacture and sell new coin operated toys, as well as offer servicing and maintenance of our products. We also accept used toys for trade-in.

Our machines are adapted to the following coins: 2zł, 1€ and 0.5€
They can be programmed to accept any currency or token.
Our toys are manufactured in a variety of colours.
Our toys are equipped with state of the art sound systems (digital).

Our company has been present on the market already for 25 years. Our strength lies in our experience and professionalism. So far we have manufactured over 5,000 toys.

We offer a 12-month warranty for our products, which does not include the following defects: defects resulting from incorrect use, transportation and acts of vandalism.